About Us

About Us

Living a few years of your life like most people won’t but spending the rest of your life like most people can’t.

That is the quote which I am following from heart and keep the strong belief in it.

And that has enabled me to actually own a business and keep doing it without the single inch of discouragement.

About Anmol Singhi

Anmol Singhi is the emerging thought leader in the field of digital marketing.

He overcame his lookout for his career in the so-early age where he found his path to pursue the life on.

Over the time, he has learned the one key point to the succes; and that is to empower others to empower yourself.

More About Anmol

I am an:

To better understand what I hold in this world;

  • An engineering dropout
  • Learner
  • Reader
  • Wannabe the motivational speaker
  • Passionate to know what’s cooking around Startups and the Business
  • Blogger
  • Internet Marketer
  • Professional content writer
  • The die-hard fan of the gadgets

How Anmol Singhi got started with the internet marketing?

Hey, I am Anmol Singhi who born and raised in India.

The one reality I am so much fond of, is to never take things seriously and enjoy your time with friends and the family.

That is exactly what matters, and this is that counts.

For becoming the professional, the idea struck in my mind when I was studying in the school.

And to pursue that, I joined the relative’s internet company even with the little and basic knowledge of computing and spent my whole summer vacations learning graphics designing, the bit of coding, and the marketing strategies.

You spend the day unplanned, you are out of the race from the length of an entire day.”

My reason of becoming the digital marketing consultant?

That was of course I wanted to serve the world with what I am able to do.

I hold 5 years of the digital marketing experience, and I keep sharing my knowledge with the world using my company’s blog.

I started as an individual with the dream of helping the world, that eventually turned towards setting foot into the corporate world with having the registered company in India to serve the clients seeking help for the best digital marketing consultant.

What Anmol Singhi offers?

Digital Marketing is my obsessions, I must say.

I bring results to you. Nothing more, and nothing less.

And how I bring you the pure results, with;

  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Execution of Marketing Strategy
  • Setting up Paid Marketing Campaigns
  • Optimizing Landing Pages for Better ROI
  • Improving Rankings in Search Engines
  • Optimizing Your Social Profiles & Increasing Targeted Followers
  • Planning & Setting up Marketing Automation

And I do this just for… increase your business sales & leads. Help you in earning the MOST out of the internet.

As I and my team is based in Chandigarh, India and providing the unique digital marketing services in Chandigarh but are serving the clients all around the globe because internet is boundary-less!

Why take us for your digital marketing needs?

Every single marketing strategy that we (me and my whole team) create is simply tailored according to your needs and the niche.

We give you the liberty to ask us any questions that you may have before and after the services’ subscription to get the glimpse of what we do, and what you will get. 🙂

And what more?

We are not greedy. We will not tie you to fill up the minimum contract term just because we are not greedy.

We give you the results. And we believe that is our one and the only speciality that will get our trust built.

  • You up with business that is digitally setup and struggling to earn? Or just want to increase the current revenue?
  • Got a website and struggling to get the visitors?
  • Have presence on the social media but struggling to get the real followers?

Saw that? I used the word which is “struggling”.

That is, of course, what I and my team fit for.

To erase the word “struggling” entirely off of your dictionary.

Be with us TO get the real results.


  • Upwork
  • Adwords
  • Analytics

what our clients say about us

Anmol provided exceptional work. He was always available even though there is a time difference. He kept me updated on the project status. His suggestions were valuable and much appreciated. I would hire Anmol again.
Mishel Hunt
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Anmol is excellent at what he does. He is professional, knowledgeable and result driven. He is a specially great resource for someone looking to set strong foundations to building a growing online business. I am actually very satisfied and will hire Anmol for a project 10x larger than anticipated. I highly recommend.
Gabriela Albán Hidalgo
profile pic
To whom it may concern, Anmol was a pleasure to work with. We partnered together on using different social media platforms to test the viability of titles and subtitles of a book we are looking to launch. Anmol was always available to help, he would avail himself at a moments notice. He communicated well, met his deadlines and was always willing to share his knowledge. I look forward to working with Anmol in the future. Regards, Wayne Arendse
Wayne Arendse
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I was very happy with Anmol's work. He was extremely communicative and made sure he understood the tasks he was given. He executed on time and with great quality of work. He is very smart and gave great recommendations for some of the tasks. I will absolutely use him for future work.
Cielo de la Paz
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Anmol delivered good work on this digital marketing project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong. At one point I asked for an additional milestone and he was very forthcoming that the additional work was outside his area of expertise. I enjoyed working with Anmol and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.
Mark Weiland
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Anmol rebuilt our website, www.thebaddaddy.com, for SEO and lead capture optimization. Honestly, we loved our old site, and did not want to rebuild it from scratch, but Anmol said it was necessary given limitations on our old hosting platform. We are extremely pleased with the new design, we are saving money on the new hosting plan which also has some added functionality, and best of all, our conversion rate for lead capture has skyrocketed. Working with someone overseas has it's challenges, but Anmol has made it very easy and comfortable. We will be starting another project around marketing with him soon.
Philip Denniston
profile pic
A very amazing guy, totally recommend him. Never late, gives a very valuable work with a High quality, available at anytime, communicates and clarifies everything. This is the first time I work with him and certainly not the last one. Thank you Anmol
Reda Filali
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