Entrepreneurship – “Living a Few Years of Your Life like Most People Won’t but Spending the Rest of Your Life like Most People Can’t” is a famous Quote and I have a strong belief in it.

I think that this quote have motivated me to do the own business without considering any discouragements.

About Anmol Singhi

My name is Anmol Singhi and I am a Blogger, digital marketing strategist & founder of Singhi Marketing Solutions who can help your business to increase its revenue. More than 5 years of experience in unique digital marketing strategies have resulted in many rewards.

I have provided the best services to a wide range of organizations regardless of the size from small to medium companies. I can improve your online business with the help of creative Web designing and Digital Marketing Services in Chandigarh.

Some Quick Fast Facts about Me

  • An engineering dropout
  • Learner, Reader and like to be a Motivational Speaker
  • Often surf the internet to know even small thing
  • More Passionate in Startups and Business World
  • Blogger and Internet Marketer
  • Professional Content Writer and a great lover of gadgets

My Journey as an Internet Marketer

I have the habit of learning new things from Google as well as YouTube and fortunately, it became a great platform for me to know the online World and Internet Marketing. Basically, I used to spend maximum time with my soul mate and don’t confuse yourself, that’s ‘My Computer’.

In 2013, during my summer vacation, I began my career in my relative’s company with the fundamental knowledge of computer.

Then I have learned many things such as content writing, Adobe Photoshop etc. in addition to this, I came to know about few marketing strategies and coding that are necessary for business.

After completing the schooling, I joined in a call center and it became the greatest turning point in my life. This is because I have learned different skills that are required for leading an independent life.

After some days, my regular activities are turned into boredom one and so I have to stick to the net surfing.  At that time, I tend to see the post on Facebook like ‘How to earn money Online’ and eager to know about these related topics.

Finally, I have concluded that the Freelancing is the best way to earn money and it became a second turning point in my life. This has resulted in the creation of various freelancing sites like WorknHire, UpWork, and Guru etc.  

Reason for becoming a Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant

You may know that blogging is a common thing that can be seen often on the internet. As said before, I was always with my mobile or laptop for searching about something online.  I faced many difficulties while starting my freelancing career and many left negative comments regarding it. But I didn’t bother about those damn speeches and started moving towards my goal.

I had a great interest in sharing the valuable information that I have learned and understood that blogs are the right platforms to do it. This led to having a passion for becoming a blogger.  I have created many free blogs, especially on the WordPress site. As I don’t have such knowledge to lead the blog in search engines I have placed my foot in the self-hosted WordPress blogs.

While looking for the best domain name for my blog I was in a mess and at last, I kept my own name for buying the domain. And I possessed the domain as www.anmolsinghi.com from Godaddy.

Also, I am fond of thinking about new strategies for improving marketing and so I continued to use it in digital marketing.

Why Work With Me?

Hey Guys! If you are looking for the cost-effective web design and development for your business you can reach me soon.

I have a team to work with your project and they can capable of doing the digital marketing also. I can give you the desired consultancy related to the digital marketing techniques for your business.

I and my team can offer you the required results by making use of cutting-edge technologies. Obviously, our service will drive your business to the next level and lead in the competitive market.

Netizens can make use of my blogs where I have shared much useful information that you are looking for!

To be continued…