Why You Need a Blog, And Why It Matters for SEO?

Without a single inch of doubt, a blog makes you informative.

Then a blog presents you as an informative person (and the company as well) in front of the world.

And that leads you rapidly to be called out as an ‘authority’.

But who to call you and your company an ‘authority’ bloggers or owning an ‘authority’ blog?

Well here, do not really draw an idea of owning an authority blog and how much advantageous that could be for you. BUT I am to tell you all about having a need of getting a blog, and why exactly it matters for the SEO.

First… Why you need a blog

I like this idea of owning a blog rather than the static website that will get updated hardly even with a single word in years.

Being myself the digital marketer and seeing the total value of getting a blog, just like I said, the blog is my life.

You want something your domain name to become in this virtual world, get installed the blog and go with it.

The blog is updated frequently — very frequently. And Google (and everyone) loves the updated blog with the new content pushing in every time.

That is the one core and first answer to the “why you need a blog” which totally makes the good sense.

Now that if you got the blog for your own (personal blog), why you need it for;

  • You share your knowledge with the world.
  • You keep up with the latest happenings around your topic and put your insights into action to engage with your readers.

And… much more.

Then you have a blog for your company;

  • Share knowledge with your customers.
  • Get your customers updated with your company’s announcements.
  • Engage new customer base with professional knowledge.

Why the blog matters for SEO

No matter how fancy, good-looking, and speedy you make your blog but there is one big thing that you cannot easily avoid.


The fact is everyone needs a blog but does that matter?

It sure does for SEO.

The long, purposeful, and unique content that you need. Okay. Just take out ‘long’ out of the statement.

Purposeful and unique content is the must but in the reality, you need long content.

For what, I will tell.

Why the blog matters… and that too for the SEO.

  • Long content AND staying readers.
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Share useful information to stand out.
  • That standing outlets you earn links.
  • Workout the interlinking
  • Make social sharing
  • Mix things up!

Long content AND staying readers

Well, long content is the must in the game of SEO.

Long content means lots to read.

And Google loves the long content.

Yeah, it does. And what it does love, means that is the loved SEO factor.

So, here is the proof.

Not very long ago, serpIQ conducted a study to find out how much Google loves long content.

And to the good surprise, the first 10 results of the Google search proved that the content that is hitting well over 2,000 words mark is vital for you to hit the first page of Google search.

See that graph below to understand…

According to the deep study conducted by serpIQ, the longer content hits the first page (most of the time.)

But still, that does not mean you have to count and recount the words’ count after every single sentence but be it;

  • High quality
  • Unique
  • And helping

And how to make it more appealing for the search engines to get it on first page and towards the top position:

  • Awesome headline(s) to win readers’ trust
  • Original and unique content to make people to stay and read
  • Brilliant sub-headings to craft the engaging content
  • Interlinked with different pages to get readers to free float around the blog
  • Addition of images and the videos to keep readers busy

Longer content means staying readers. 🙂

Long-tail keywords

Keep long content backed by long-tail keywords.

Because… The competition you cannot easily break with targeting the competitive short-worded keywords.

They are there from long, so why do the mess from the very start?

Go for long, the long-tail keywords.

Such keywords will get you attention from the search engines and will get you close and mostly on the first pages of the search engine results page.

Share useful information to stand out

The word ‘stand out’ is all that you need.

Standing out means your blog has the direct value pushed towards the people who like reading your content.

Almost everything is covered in this world, right?

But being the original, you have your own perspective towards the same discussion topic. Share it.

Give your own voice to your content.

That standing outlet you earn links

Giving the world your very own content will help you to earn the links from others.

That may look very unprofessional in the beginning but that is one good strategy to have your own voice to be loved by the people.

Your blog posts will start earning the mentions from fellow bloggers.

Go with the flow and you will see things being different in a while.

Workout the interlinking

Interlinking is for internal links.

The internal links mean your written blog posts.

It is the one common mistake done by many bloggers where they just leave the entire idea away of interlinking.

But this is the one good workout for your blog to power up your internal pages (ultimately the blog posts.)

Craft up the blog posts with your unique content and then do the relevant interlinking — the older blog posts that are actually relevant to the purpose of your content.

Make social sharing

Sometimes only the content may not lead the content to reach closer to the expected results.

Social sharing then comes into action.

Google and most other search engines like the highly famous content which is only possible through social sharing.

Crafting the relevant content with enough popularity is of course, very beneficial for the SEO efforts.

Mix things up!

Going after a professional share of the information and getting it all filled with every single blog post, this tactic can easily get the readers bored anytime soon.

Share anything from the different topic as well.

Let’s say…

  • Cover up the outdoor activity the company organized.
  • Feature the staff members.
  • Run the internal competition among the staffers.

And anything else.

Being a professional, you cannot remain professional all the time. Mix things up.

This will gain the people’s attraction and will be picked up by the search engines that you are serious, but not always serious.


You are now informed with the facts that why you need a blog. And why blog really matters for the SEO.

Everything that you do with your blog and with the continuity, your every action will keep you getting more SEO power.

Get yourself the blog and keep it growing.

Note: Need help in setting up the blog and the SEO strategies straighten up for you, hit me a message.

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