Focus On Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of setting up the business towards the success-obtaining path.

The any business that you dream to set up.

And the marketing is of course, not entirely possible without the budget (budget in the name of money.)

The budget makes it possible to hit the marketing avenues to get and gain the expected results.


The real thing is, what medium of marketing to pick and spend the entire budget on?

That is not just a thing but a real question which can be answered easily by examining the current market needs. You just need to find out what is working AND popular today.


Focus is… to actually examine what is in the trend AND what is really working?

We certainly not need to run after the old and the outdated marketing tactics that are still in but are not really working.

The real faces of the marketing

There are actually the two faces of marketing which are traditional marketing AND the digital marketing.

But before knowing which of the type of the marketing is actually working in this current time of the age, we got to go through a little bit of the description of traditional marketing and the digital marketing.

Let me quickly summarize them.

Traditional Marketing

This mode of marketing is functional since years, and have been used via getting promotions through tv ads., newspapers, radio, magazines, leaflets, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is done digitally, using websites, emails, social media, search engines, etc.

What is old and dying?

Of course, the traditional marketing.

Though the use of TV is still at its highest level not everyone watches it and the internet has better taken its place instead. Digital marketing is new and the modern form of the marketing of today, and have become trendy day by day. Then we need to more and care more about the digital marketing instead. 🙂

Focus on Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

I tell you to put the hard and tight focus over digital marketing well over the traditional marketing.

Why focus on digital marketing?

Being the digital marketer myself, I am not forcing you to only focus over the digital marketing BUT digital marketing is the only option of the marketing today. There should be an upgrade in life. And digital is the upgraded format of the marketing.

Digital marketing because:

  • Best ROI
  • Reduced in cost
  • Fast results (in many cases)
  • Brand building
  • Highly exposed
  • Highly engaging
  • Fast publicity
  • Bigger audience

Best ROI

If you already know what you want to get out of the digital marketing (and I am so sure you do know), then the digital marketing makes your job as easy to strategize all of the marketing plans to gain the best ROI out of it.

  • Mostly the ROI is counted against:
  • Relevant website traffic
  • Improved and higher conversion ratio
  • Relevant leads
  • Boosted sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • And more…

These are basically the minimum results one has to expect, so bet for the best ROI.

And only digital marketing has the ability to win the expected results.

Reduced in cost

Digital marketing is so inexpensive.

You are ready to target the social media sites with ads. And then you can hire the ads slot off the websites that are relevant to your idea of ads.

You can certainly do it with ease..

There are so many sites, so many social media platforms and even many other places to hit for running your digital marketing campaigns.

You got a daily budget of even US$ 10.00, you are so good to go!

Fast results (in many cases)

Results from the digital marketing are fastly counted in many cases.

Give it to be the analytics. Subscribers count. Followers count. Number of leads. Sales count. And more.

You can get to see the results at the end of every day.

Brand building

Building the brand all digitally is easy. Yeah, it is too easy.

With the paid marketing modes as well as organic promotional modes, you are easy to apply some best tactics to get your brand put in front of the masses coming from different cultures, different countries, and different regions.

Building a brand using the website, social media platforms, paid ads., and the people’s help can get you so far in the promotion.

Highly exposed

The exposure that you can attain from the digital marketing is massive in the answer.

With it, you can go all around the world without any interruption.

So the exposure is definitely the worldwide through digital modes of the marketing.

Highly engaging

Analytics in most cases, is the teller of how engaging the digital marketing could be for you.

Different modes of the digital marketing can enable you to gain the feedback off of your audience in the real time.

Take them into the discussion. Run the chats. And have them comment on what you post around the websites or social media platforms.

The engagement is always on and can be asked in different times, thanks to the digital marketing.

Fast publicity

The result is fast, thus the publicity is more faster than that.

Getting seen by the right audience, it will help you even more at the larger scale in the shape of sharing and commenting to attract the new user base.

More eyeballs mean immediate and quickliest publicity that you are set to win.

Bigger audience

Yes, that is one core and winning point that you will grab right from the digital marketing.

Everyone is online and has a different type of interest and passion attached to them.

So which of the marketing modes you employ for yourself, you are then set to be reached by the bigger audience size that mode (or modes) holds for you.

The thing is you have to rightly use that mode (or modes) to hit the blank point to stream in the river of the right audience.


I know traditional marketing is still there but I must tell you a fact. The traditional marketing is EXPENSIVE. That is it.

And digital marketing is not only inexpensive but is advantageous for you to grow exponentially.

But as I said and it requires, you need to right-use it.

So… tell me.

Are you going to focus ONLY over the digital marketing now?

Well, I will because I am the digital marketer from very long and that is my integral and professional part of the life. 🙂

Need help?

Okay, if not all but many needs the help.

And for digital marketing help, I am so present for you.

Be in touch then.

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