Tips To Get Your Google My Business Listing Approve

Google My Business is not just about searching other businesses walking all around the Google search but to get our (yours and mine) up on the Google.

In many cases and the scenarios, it is easy and simple to hit the Google My Business to create your business listing and get it added.

But what more?

Getting it added is NOT just the one-step task and forget about every other thing.

Letting it approved by Google is the real task. Though it does not force and block the approval of the businesses in many cases but what if it really does?

Do not then hit the disapproval and rejection. But hit for the approval and that too in the single go. 🙂

After all, you are going to get to know the best working tips to get your next listing on Google My Business approved. 🙂

How to get the listing on Google My Business actually approved in the single go

I am not going to highlight each and every step…

Of signing up for the Gmail account then set up the listing.

Well, that is really easy to do so; getting the Gmail account (if you do not have) and adding the location up on Google My Business.

Just hit that page: Get your business on Google

Give in the name, location, zoom in and set the pin of your listing for the correct location, select the business category (should be exact and very close to what your business is about), then fill up all the contact details, and in the last hit the Finish.

But it does not let your listing all approved right after hitting that “Finish” button but the next step is definitely crucial — to go through the verification process.

After the “Finish’, you would be asked to verify your listing to become the rightful ownership through email, phone call, or the mailing address.

Whichever step you take, you should have access to it.

In so many cases, the mailing address is the best option to get your location verified.

But forget the verification

As all of the approval depends upon the verification, I am telling you to just forget about the verification.

No… If you are thinking THAT then I am into my good sense. 🙂

I am telling you to actually forget about the verification at the step of when you hit the “Finish”.

On the next page with all the verification methods, just scroll down the page and hit the “Verify later” from more options area.

Yes, you should NOT be going for the verification at this very moment.

Just hit that “Verify later” and it will take you to your newly-built but unapproved listing.

There just head towards the “Complete your listing” which would look alike;

Then get these added;

  • Add hours
  • Add contact info (re-check and add/edit for more accurate information)
  • Add description
  • Add logo

The more you will add, you will see the completeness percentage growing.

Get all done!

Because the incompleteness could be dangerous enough to get your Google My Business listing approved.

Once you are done to 100% or very close to that, then hit the “Verify Now” button to then go for the verification process.

Make it complete if you cannot make it perfect.

That is definitely the professional approach Google would count for you.

What if I do NOT verify?

Without the verification, you are just having the one useless listing that is of no use and not approved.

My own Google My Business listings as your go-to reference to actually get your own

I love doing the SEO and Digital Marketing.

And what MORE I love is, to offer what I really know AND what I am real good at.

Setting up the SEO services in Chandigarh was my dream. And the dream then became the pure reality for me when I really started to take actions.

Because actions speak and not words.

Words sink you deep down the ocean of thoughts and the imaginations.

Not just I love only SEO but the digital marketing as well.

Then putting up all together in place for Digital Marketing services in Chandigarh to pursue the next-level of professional approach, the task was really not an easy task as far as I recall.

But anyhow, the real matter down here was not to introduce you with all the hardships I went through in become something BUT to actually let you know how my own Google My Business listings got approved and you can reference them as well to in order to get your own listings approved in a single go. 🙂

Of course, creating your own listing and getting it verified, it is going to immensely help you in the longer run with your SEO efforts.

Now picturize the scenario, you have everything ready and in action but missing your business to not get it added up on Google My Business… Man.. That is the serious SEO concern which you cannot imagine the disadvantage of.

Then there I come. And to your service.

Being the provider of SEO services in Chandigarh myself, I and my professional team, will help you get out of all the hurdles the SEO has caused you in not growing to the very next level of the progress.

Give me a call. Plan the business meeting. And let me know everything about your business.

Then our experts will get all fixed up.


Let me know. Let me really know about these good tips that I shared! 🙂

I am hopeful you are then going to get your every single listing approved over Google My Business from now on.

Share your thoughts and the feedbacks in the comment. I am so waiting for it. 🙂

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