Google Florida 2.0 – All You Need To Know About It

Do you know or have an idea what it really is; the Google Florida 2.0?

With the instant look, it looks more like an event name or the similar item which would be being hosted by Google.

But any and all of the guesses are totally wrong.

It is totally different than anything.

And exploded just recently throughout the world which has frightened the people so hard.

This particular Google update was nothing important but the time-needed update sort out everything in its order; and this updated targeted what’s not up to the mark.

Must be wondering then what does ‘up to the mark’ mean down here?

The quality.

The way Google brings up the qualitative results to land on the end of searchers.

What is Google Florida 2.0 then?

Google Florida 2.0 is actually the latest Google algorithm update.

This release was massively done that toppled the global broad core algorithm update and is labelled as one of the biggest update of the year (as they quite happen around.)

This update emerged on March 12th, 2019.

What was effected with Google Florida 2.0?

It is generally presumed and perceived that the such broad core updates are not meant to hit the specific niche.

Or even the specific type of the websites and Google is not targeting anything.

But such type of the big updates are happened to adjust how the search engine algorithm has to move on from now on.

Well, what does it mean?

As there is nothing to fix about. Nothing to notice.

What is considered the bright side of the Google Florida 2.0 that all you need is to build the original and real content along with do all the related ranking factors organically.

How to deal with the Google Florida 2.0?

Google Florida 2.0 is actually the vital part of one such broad core updates that have hard hit many sites.

Even many site owners have reported the major uptick in their organic traffic numbers.

Something really happened here, right?

By analyzing the pattern of Google Florida 2.0, the update has showed that there is the major shift change with the way how Google processes a search query, which is of course, the major ranking builder.

Though there are not much of the information are found around how to exactly deal with this update, we cannot do anything but wait to find out how the search queries work now.

Well, one more ranking factor that is the killer and builder of the ranking which is, the links.

That is absolutely one of the biggest ranking building factor.

The broad core update

Google Florida 2.0-alike updates as I earlier said, are called the broad core update which is the necessity of the search engines to perform just because of their algorithm should make the better understanding of how search queries and websites are moving.

With the broad core update, the preference is always given to the original ingredients to serve the searchers with best relevant results.

Such big core update in the past was Neural Matching to improve the Google algorithm to such a level to match with the search queries to line up best web pages according to the search queries.

In year 2003, an attack on the SERPs was conducted with the name of search update and that too in the middle of the ongoing shopping season.

The attack was too intense that it left with unrecognizable SERP state after the dust was downed.

So after a good long decade and 16 years later, this Florida update hit again.

And thanks to Brett Tabke, the founder of WebmasterWorld and the PubCon, this update was named Florida 2.0

Say NO to FIX

Google’s people Danny Sullivan comes up with the tweet where he said there is nothing to fix.

Actually for such kind of the broad core updates, there is really nothing to do.

See what he said:

There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

See what you cannot fix NOW but there is a catch.

First, you actually had to remain original and the value-giver from the day one.

But still… It is not very late to align your own process to go after the originality and being the high-quality content generator.

The winners were the winners from their start for being high qualitative content bearer.

See… One who extensively used the low quality content, and even using the low quality rank building factors, they are totally out of the race.

What you have to do now?

I tell you to…

Stay original and conscious about what you are up for doing.

Anything that is not organic or acquired through the illegal means, such actions are prone to get you caught up with negative impact not by such broad core updates BUT with any other future updates.

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