Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

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what our clients say about us

Anmol provided exceptional work. He was always available even though there is a time difference. He kept me updated on the project status. His suggestions were valuable and much appreciated. I would hire Anmol again.
Mishel Hunt
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Anmol is excellent at what he does. He is professional, knowledgeable and result driven. He is a specially great resource for someone looking to set strong foundations to building a growing online business. I am actually very satisfied and will hire Anmol for a project 10x larger than anticipated. I highly recommend.
Gabriela Albán Hidalgo
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To whom it may concern, Anmol was a pleasure to work with. We partnered together on using different social media platforms to test the viability of titles and subtitles of a book we are looking to launch. Anmol was always available to help, he would avail himself at a moments notice. He communicated well, met his deadlines and was always willing to share his knowledge. I look forward to working with Anmol in the future. Regards, Wayne Arendse
Wayne Arendse
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I was very happy with Anmol's work. He was extremely communicative and made sure he understood the tasks he was given. He executed on time and with great quality of work. He is very smart and gave great recommendations for some of the tasks. I will absolutely use him for future work.
Cielo de la Paz
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Anmol delivered good work on this digital marketing project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong. At one point I asked for an additional milestone and he was very forthcoming that the additional work was outside his area of expertise. I enjoyed working with Anmol and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.
Mark Weiland
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Anmol rebuilt our website,, for SEO and lead capture optimization. Honestly, we loved our old site, and did not want to rebuild it from scratch, but Anmol said it was necessary given limitations on our old hosting platform. We are extremely pleased with the new design, we are saving money on the new hosting plan which also has some added functionality, and best of all, our conversion rate for lead capture has skyrocketed. Working with someone overseas has it's challenges, but Anmol has made it very easy and comfortable. We will be starting another project around marketing with him soon.
Philip Denniston
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A very amazing guy, totally recommend him. Never late, gives a very valuable work with a High quality, available at anytime, communicates and clarifies everything. This is the first time I work with him and certainly not the last one. Thank you Anmol
Reda Filali
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