Welcome to my blog.

I have restarted this blog differently after the pandemic. Life has changed a lot so the human behavior towards life after covid-19. I am one of those luckiest human beings that didn’t get infected by the coronavirus and with gods blessing none of my family members.

On this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts/ideas with the world and sharing my journey on “how we can live happily without being materialistic?” Currently, I am also trying to get out of this rat race of a money-oriented world.

About Anmol:

I am 24 years of age, a young mind with different creative ideas in mind. I dropped my college in the year 2017 (Bachelor in Technology aka B.tech Computer Science) and started my first job as an SEO executive in Mohali.

No one in my family supported this decision and now when I have achieved certain milestones everyone is proud of my decisions. That’s the dilemma of this world, people won’t accept you, they accept the money and reputation you have.

But this journey was not easy as the company I joined after dropping the college shut down in 3 months and I was jobless dropout roaming on the roads of Mohali in 2017. To be honest none of my family members know about this situation to date.

I used to go to work even after losing the job and sit here & there in cafes and malls till evenings then I go back home as I am coming back from office. No one got a clue that I lost my job because I know everyone is going to criticize me in this situation.

After going through for a week through this disaster, I finally got selected by another company and started my job again. But this is not what destiny wanted. I quit that job in 10 months and started with my venture named “Singhi Marketing Solutions” a digital marketing agency working with global brands and helping them rank #1 page of Google.

What this blog is about?

As we know the world is going through a pandemic and it has affected every single human being. The way we used to think & live before covid-19 has changed. We know it doesn’t more than a house, clothes and food to eat for a human to live. We don’t need big bungalows, cars or all those fake world luxurious items.

I know this sounds silly to some but that’s the reality you don’t need an iPhone when you got an Android smartphone. It’s not a necessity rather you are trying to make it your need. It’s just a choice and I want to learn & make the world aware of how we can live life without all those expensive luxurious items.

I am going to share my knowledge and experiences on different topics like a home garden, health & fitness and lifestyle, etc. Before this pandemic, I had a dream of a big multistory bungalow with all luxurious amenities but now after realizing the real human inside me, I don’t want to achieve that. I want to get peace & happiness more than luxury.

More to come…